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How To Choose Hunter Boots

On: Sun. February 1st 2015

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Selecting the best Hunter Wellington Boots from
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How To Choose Hunter Boots that are right for You.
(Choosing the correct boot STYLE, FIT, SOLE, COLOUR and SIZE)

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Choosing the best Wellington Boots for You

  Choose the style and colour you want  

We want you to get the most suitable and best fitting Wellington Boots possible. The menus above and at the left group wellington boots by gender, age, fit, style, manufacturer, usage and colour, please select the menu item that best matches your need. Please try to make sure that you select wellington boots that will fit you well & that the boots are suitable for the use that you'll be putting them to. Most products let you see a full rotating 360 view (with zoom) of the boots so that you can clearly view all the features of those Hunter boots. Be sure to view our Hunter Fleece Welly Socks (Liners), Hunter Boot Socks, Hunter Welly Bags, Boot Care products & other Hunter Boot accessories whilst you are shopping with us.

If you are looking for brightly coloured wellington boots, then the ever popular Traditional Range of Hunter Original wellingtons boots offer all you need in a pair of wellie boots. The Hunter gardening range also has handy slip on rubber clogs to compliment your Hunter full knee wellingtons when you just need a local trip outdoors in wet conditions.

If, however, you are going to put your wellingtons to heavier, sustained, use or require a yet more comfortable, softer, durable boot or better grip on slippery conditions, then you'd do well to consider the Hunter Norris Field range which offers all this and more (though isn't available in such a wide range of colours). Just like the Original range, the Norris range comes in a standard nylon lined version, a warmer neoprene lined version and the Norris Side Adjustable, which has a wider adjustable calf gusset for those with a more substantial calf.

  Coloured Hunter Original Boots from the Traditional Hunter Range
Men & Women's Hunter Balmoral Wellingtons for Field Sports
For even heavier conditions, the Balmoral Boots Range of Hunter field sports wellingtons have a thicker moulded sole with multi-directional lugs for even better grip in slippery conditions, making them ideal boots for all Field Sports whether simple country pursuits (such as rambling or dog walking), or more focussed field activities such as shooting, hiking or equestrian pursuits. If you are looking for warm field boots, then choose a Neoprene lined or Bamboo Carbon lined pair of Hunter wellingtons, and of course don't forget the luxurious Hunter Balmoral Luxury Wellingtons which include sophisticated neoprene / leather & full leather lined rubber field boots, Waterproof Leather wellingtons and hiking boots and ladies' equestrian riding boots with a stretch neoprene leg.

The Hunter RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Gardening Range offer a selection of colourful floral patterned clogs, mid-calf wellies and tall full knee wellington boots for the keen lady gardener. These Hunter RHS gardening wellington boots and gardener's clogs are available in several colourful RHS designed flower patterns and are packed full of useful features for your comfort & convenience, including a Unisex Hunter Gardener's Boot with a useful & practical reinforced boot sole for digging.
  Hunter RHS Gardening Boots Range

Men & Women's Argyll Farming Wellingtons
Hunter ARGYLL Farming Wellingtons - The Argyll Wellington Boot range are made using a technology that makes the boot virtually impregnable. Argyll wellingtons legendary generous fit, comfort and flexibility live on because the Argyll is made on an orthopaedic last, has a rot resistant liner as well as a padded insole. The farmers favourite wellington boot !

All Argyll's (including the Bullseye farmer's boots, which now carry the Argyll badge) have an EXTREMELY GENEROUS fit in the foot, ankle, leg and the calf area - unlike all other Hunters, so this may well require that you go down a size from your usual shoe size.

Selecting correct Hunter Boots

Hunters New Norris Field Boots Range

Top of the range Hunter Leather Wellingtons & Hiking Boots

Men & Women's Gardening Wellingtons & Clogs

Selecting correct Hunter Argyll Boots

  Women's High Heel Wedge Welly Boots
Our ladies' wedge hee, waterproof Wedge Welly Wellington Boots come in bright colours & bold patterns and ideally suit those ladies who prefer higher wedge heels - wherever they are, even in the mud!


Choose your size

Hunter Boots are designed to match your usual shoe size (but see comments about Argylls above), so if you usually take a size UK 8 shoe, order a size UK 8 wellington boot. Each Hunter Wellington Boot web page shows the UK & EU foot sizes that are manufactured for those boots, and be sure to look at the Hunter calf circumference and inside boot height measurements that can normally be found by looking at the "MORE" button of each boot details. Not every wellington boot is available in every size - Men's sizes, Ladies' sizes & Children's sizes can be accessed from the navigation menus above & at the left of this page.

For the best possible fit, please be sure to measure the calf of the person who will be wearing the wellington boots. When available from Hunter, we usually publish the boot inside heights (measured in cm from the inner footbed to the top of the wellingtons), so please check that the boots are OK height wise.
  Measure yourself to get the best wellington boot fit

Hunter Wellington Boots
Hunter Boots come in standard calf fitting, adjustable calf (side adjustable calf gussets) and Women's wide calf (and shorter Huntress Boots). The Hunter Balmoral Range all have adjustable waterproof calf gussets to accommodate both normal and wider calf needs. We also sell Hunter short mid-calf wellington boots & Hunter Clogs for those who prefer them.
  Choose your Wellington Boot Size
We go to great lengths to ensure that your wellingtons are delivered as soon as possible, so please do measure yourself and try to select the correct size of boot - shipping charges are becoming increasingly expensive, so it's in everybody's interest to ensure that neither of us waste time and money on re-deliveries and that the wellingtons that you order fit you well first time.
Please select the correct size of Wellington Boots


View your price

Wellington Boot delivery costs vary by destination, so you can't see the boot delivery charge until you have told us (during the Checkout process) where the boots are going to. The payment for your wellington boots can be made by credit / debit card or PayPal. When you hit the place order button, before you have given your card (or PayPal) details in the SECURE WorldPay environment, we will send you an order confirmation email - this is so that you may double check that you've ordered the correct products and have selected the correct colours & sizes.

Wellington boots and other products purchased on a card or by PayPal are cleared on our behalf by WorldPay in a secure environment. If your payment fails for any reason, only your card issuer will know why - we don't get to see any of your card details. Paying for your boots on our site is perfectly secure and safe.
  All Payments for our products are cleared by WorldPay

Delivery Info.  
We heavily subsidise the delivery costs to make it more economic for you to buy from us. However, should you inadvertently order the wrong size Boots, then we will exchange them for any wellingtons of similar value, but you will be required to carry the cost of returning the original boots to us and you will also need to pay for re-delivery of the exchange wellingtons. If you wish to upgrade to more (or downgrade to less) expensive boots, then we will ask you for the additional money (or refund you) as appropriate.
So getting the size of the wellington boots correct is really important and will save time & money for both you and us!

  Choose your Wellington Boot Price
Our wellington boots all come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty, which guarantees against faulty workmanship or parts, so we'll happily exchange any wellington boots that you purchased from us that prove to be faulty, if they fall within the 12 month warranty period.
  Wellington Boots Warranty  


Questions? ... For more detailed information, see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ... View our detailed Wellington Boot Frequently Asked Questions


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